May 2012 RimuHosting newsletter

RimuHosting server specials and news

Intel released their new dual processor Sandy Bridge platform, ‘the fastest server CPU you can get in a reasonably priced server’.  And of course we are now making those available to our customers.  Pricing from $369.00/m.

Intel have been busy.  They also released (and we are now offering) their new faster, cheaper, bigger 330 series Intel SSDs.

Our customers asked for it, so we are happy to announce our cloud-y per-minute server billing.  Scale up or down; add and remove servers; only pay for what you use for the time you use it.

In Dallas we are now using bandwidth pooling.  We add up the data transfer allowance on all your servers there.  And only measure traffic leaving the network.

We just updated our list of VPS-on-dedicated servers.  These RimuHosting-unique servers offer the flexibility and ease of VPS hosting, but on your own dedicated hardware.  Great pricing.  Consider this option if you need lots of disk space, or more CPU Ghz.

We are running a $100/m off promotion on selected dual processor dedicated Xeon servers.

Due to its popularity we have added more storage hardware to our new Bakop FTP service for all your backup needs.

Some customers have asked us about providing managed hosting or were unsure about some of the things our sysadmins can do for them (hint: pretty much anything!).  So we posted a page listing how our sysadmins can help: troubleshooting, installs and configuration, security, web programming, and more.

Fluffy stuff

After attending the brilliant WebStock 2012 conference in Wellington, Peter Bryant decompressed by writing a series of posts including some tips on delighting customers, how to create better applications and products and how to make your applications easier to use.

Peter is keen to write a few more of these ‘fluffy’ posts.  And in particular we would like to tell the stories behind some of our customers.  About the website/service you run.  How it got started.  Why.  Some of the challenges you faced.  So: if you had a startup that started here do let us tell your story.

If you are a startup that has reached the key milestone of having your own T-shirt we would love to do a T-shirt swap.

If you have a great startup idea and just need help with the implementation, then check out our 2 Parts magic web programming team.  The guys are currently on the home stretch of a project creating an online application system for Australian universities and they are keen to start a challenging new project.

Good, hard, techy stuff

Liz wrote a nice, quick summary on setting up email domain keys and a set of easy steps to setup MySQL replication and file replication between servers.

We have updated our JBoss install script.

Peter posted about setting up a new Tomcat-based webapp server.

We posted a favorite script of mine that lets you know when you are about to run out of disk space.

Time flies. Centos 4 and Debian 5 have both been ‘end-of-lifed’.  If you are running these years-old distros we are happy to advise/help with your upgrade options.

We added pv-grub support for VPS owners who want to run uncommon kernel modules, or have their own custom kernels.

$100 referral bonus

We are increasing the affiliate referral credit from $15 to $100 until the end of June.

Pop a powered by link (feel free to use our buttons) on your site.  Or blog about something you have done on your server with us.  See

We work hard for our customers, and we really appreciate it when our customers mention us to their friends and colleagues when they need their own hosting.  We will do our darndest to live up to your recommendation.

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Regards, Peter Bryant – Startups start here. Hosting; DNS; monitoring; backups; email; web programming

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