Community group discounts: RimuHosting launches its ‘being useful’ initiative

RimuHosting is a organisation of people who enjoy working with technology.  We get to use that knowledge and our skills to provide services that help our clients.

‘Being useful’ gives each of us a sense of pride and instills meaning in our work.

With the stability that comes from running a successful business for long time, we have started looking at how we can give back, be useful, and support some social causes.


Did you know anyone can send an email impersonating your email address? Back in 1971 when 'email' was invented and later when it was connected to the Internet both email users knew each other. Since then spammers and other bad actors started to abuse this 'feature'. And since then some new mechanisms have been added… Continue reading SMTP, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, TLS

Centos announce Centos 8 retirement

Centos have announced that their RHEL8-based distro Centos8 will no longer be supported from December 2021.

This affects customers running Centos 8. It also affects customers running older Centos versions that are thinking updating to a newer distro.

There are many alternatives to consider.

Distro upgrade as a service

For several years we have worked with customers to upgrade dozens of servers (primarily Debian and Ubuntu) from old (sometimes ancient) distro versions to the latest, stable versions. We are now offering this distro upgrade as a service. The upgrade steps are as follows: We collect systems information to ensure your setup is updatable (e.g.… Continue reading Distro upgrade as a service

VM backup and download

The following code snippet will let you create a backup image of a Linux server, encrypt it, and then make it available for download. It requires PHP, and makes use of PHP's built in HTTP server. You will need sufficient disk space on your VM image to create the download. The file is compressed, so… Continue reading VM backup and download

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS released

The latest long term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu is now available for new installs. Ubuntu 20.04, also known as "Focal Fossa" can be ordered at It's also an option to consider if you reinstall an existing VPS. The official release notes for this release are available at and will be be upstream… Continue reading Ubuntu 20.04 LTS released

Unknown Password Change – diagnostics

Often numerous people have access to an account, developers, owners, system administrators. Occasionally they do things, they maybe shouldn't - like changing the password - leaving all other people in the loop out. When this happens its always good to make sure that you know who changed that password - because if it was not… Continue reading Unknown Password Change – diagnostics

Business as usual in the Covid-19 pandemic

For customers using RimuHosting services, we don't expect the covid-19 pandemic will have any impact on our provision of services for you to use. Existing servers are continuing to operate as normal and for now, provision of new services is also operating as normal. We have spare capacity available to cater for extra demand. It… Continue reading Business as usual in the Covid-19 pandemic