Problems with HDDs, so gets a hardware upgrade

Procrastination is a horrible thing.

A few weeks back Carl here setup a brand new Nehalem server for us to pop the RimuHosting website onto.

RimuHosting had been running on one of our lowest speced Core 2 servers for couple of years now. And it had been doing pretty well. But hey, why not upgrade?

Carl had setup the hardware, but I had wanted to do a few other changes. e.g. a new distro, mail server changes and the works. And I had other (cool development stuff) on my plate. So I was loathe to spend a half day doing moving to the new setup.

Well hardware-being-hardware it decided that two years was enough time to run with ridiculously long uptimes. And it decided to 'act weirdly' and cause issues with the rimuhosting website. 'Act weirdly' in this case meant one restart, one instance where the RimuHosting was not responding, and one load issue that coincided with a ata interrupt error on the host server.

So we copied the VPS image over to the new server, restarted it and now it is all back up and running. Just probably a bit faster :)

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Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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