Plan pricing in NZD, USD, GBP and AUD

Historically all our server prices were denominated in US dollars.

We have just updated our plans so that new orders are denominated in currency of the country where the server is located.  i.e. NZ-based servers in NZD, Oz-based serves in AUD, and London-based servers in GBP.

Typically customers ordering servers in those locations we live in those locations.  So more often and not the currency is more familiar to them (than USD), and the price (in their currency) will stay fixed rather than varying with the USD over time.  Also the plan pricing will now be a bit more easily comparable for those customers checking prices for servers in those locations.  Also its keeps the costs/revenue for the server aligned with the country the server is in.  e.g. so British customer get a fixed price for their British server and that price does not swing around with the USD.

We have the ability to override a particular server's billing currency if, say, someone wished to be billed in USD rather than GBP for their London server.

We will not change existing customers pricing by default.  To avoid surprises.  But we are happy to convert your billing to your server's countries native currency if you wish.  Just pop in a support request.

We are also working to reduce credit card fees some customers are seeing.  e.g. credit card companies will charge an exchange rate 'fee' when an Australian customer is billed a USD amount for a US-based server.  So we will attempt to convert to the USD amount to AUD (at a better rate than the CC companies will use) prior to each billing.

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