Month: July 2010

  • Pingability Facelift

    While I was kicking back camping in Yosemite Justin here has been ‘messing about’ with CSS on our Pingability web check and alert service.  Bringing it from my 2003 design to something a little more contemporary.  Thanks, Justin. — Pingability lets you monitor your websites pages, check that things are running OK, and alert you…

  • 66% off .org domain name registration anyone?

    We use internally for some of the domains we have.  Gandi have given me a few ‘promo codes’ for 66% off .org domains.

  • Virtualmin on the command line

    We often encourage our users to use software which is better, and does things in a standard way. When it comes to control panels we prefer Virtualmin. It works with the distro you are using and the packages that come with it rather than setting up things in its own odd way and tieing you…