December 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest RimuHosting newsletter.

We will try to keep you posted on some of the our key news since the last newsletter back in April (

Launching 2 Parts Magic software development services

RimuHosting's latest venture is a team of web application developers-for-hire. 2 Parts Magic ( builds made-to-order web application software.  So if you are launching a new web service, or need a billing or user registration, or want a dynamic, easy-to-use ordering system consider working with the 2 Parts Magic team.

The 2 Parts Magic team are the same developers that have worked on RimuHosting ventures like; and

The 2 Parts Magic team's software development toolbox includes server-side technologies like Java, JSP, MySQL, REST-ful APIs and on the client-side we use Javascript, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3.  Their specialty is building easy-to-use, dynamic web pages.

If you are a web developer specializing more in design and static content, then the 2 Parts Magic team can help by building the more complex and dynamic parts of your client's website.

If you are about to be building a new web application or know someone who will be, then have them contact the 2 Parts Magic team at

One click webapp deployments with Standing Cloud

RimuHosting recently teamed up with StandingCloud to enable website owners to perform browser-based, one click-click webapp deployments to cloud servers (running on RimuHosting hardware).

This lets you easily deploy content management systems (like Silverstripe and WordPress). Or to run a wide range of other software like bug, issue and project management webapps. Or eCommerce sites; discussion forums or even phone systems (like OpenVBX).

For details see

Discounted dedicated servers; Instant setups

RimuHosting has launched a range of cut-price dedicated servers. Servers are individually speced and priced. The stock will vary from day to day. Current examples include host366 a USD 120/m Core 2 server with 4GB of memory; and host781 a USD 170/m E5506 Xeon with 6GB of memory and 250GB of RAID1 storage.

The servers are all available for instant setup. They all come with features such as regular snapshot backups; browser-based re-installs, restores, reboots and console access.

As always, the RimuHosting sysadmin team are more than happy to help install and configure the applications and services you need on the server.

For more information about the servers see and to order a server go to

Ever-improving VPS resources

As our VPS host servers get more and more powerful we are able to offer better and better resources on our VPS plans.

If you have not checked out our VPS pricing recently see or .  It has never been a better time to ditch your shared web hosting and get setup with your very own server.

If you already have a server with us then check every few months for a free upgrade at

Quick news

Our DNS API has been extended see:

Our new managed email service is now providing email services for over 200 users.  Make the most of your own domain name and come join them using as your new email provider.

Our servers now have new Linux 3.0 kernels available, as well as recent distros like Centos 6 and Ubuntu 11.10

We have pushed out some great new features to our collaborative email client. Managing multiple emails and attachments has just gotten easier. If your business provides support via email then you need to check out

And that is our news for this newsletter.

Tell your friends how we can remove the hassle from their hosting

If you enjoy your RimuHosting hosting service then please think of a friend or colleague that could do with their having their own Linux server then let them know about us!  We appreciate the referrals.

And if you happen to blog about us then remember you can always use our affiliate referral scheme to earn yourself hosting credits, see

2011 has been a busy year for us.  We know many of our customers are struggling in the current economy.  So we are constantly trying to make it easier and more hassle free to host and run their website.  As well as always striving to provide great value to our customers.  If you can think of any way we can help provide you a better service, please let us know.

Our best wishes to you for a prosperous 2012 from the team at RimuHosting!

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