Up-sized VPS options in Australia

We are happy to announce that we have had some super fast servers land in Brisbane with a ton of memory.  As a result we can now offer even faster servers with more memory for less money.  Isn’t Moore’s law great?



We recently spec-ed out, built and shipped a bunch of new Jaketown servers over to the data center we use in Brisbane.  Each server has 12 x 2.3 Ghz cores.  And each has 96GB of memory.  Because of the great price we got on the server, and the large amount of memory you will find that our ‘market pricing’ algorithms are able to give you the best memory for your dollar we have been able to offer in Australia.

To order there see: http://rimuhosting.com/order/v2orderstart.jsp?dc_location=DCBRISBANE&dt_allowance_gb=6#variable_plan

If you are currently located in Sydney or Brisbane and are considering moving to the new servers check out https://rimuhosting.com/cp/vps/move.jsp?selected_datacenter=DCBRISBANE and target one of the new servers (e.g. host996).

We continue to offer VPS hosting from Sydney.  But there is not as much spare capacity there now as in Brisbane.  Since the bandwidth pricing is better in Brisbane and we have had such good reliability and performance there it made sense for us to put this latest shipment of gear there.

Image credit: Mathew Stewart