Month: August 2013

  • MySQL replication and verification

    We have a number of customer using MySQL replication. For the uninitiated, replication copies changes from a master server to a number of slave servers. This makes scaling your service mush easier and helps improve redundancy and failover. An introduction to setting that up is available in our Mysql Replication guide. Once you have replication […]

  • How to restore a WordPress site after hacks or exploits in 10 easy steps

    A lot of people use WordPress, and seemingly a lot forget to click the upgrade button regularly enough and find they are exploited. ┬áIn an ideal world, you would click that button whenever you see it needs updates, and have copious amounts of good backups. However, sometimes these things do not happen, and you need […]

  • How to install Drupal on Plesk – Step by Step instructions

    We have had a customer who is not overly technical wanting these instructions. Since i thought he was probably not the only one wanting a simple step by step instruction on how to install drupal on plesk easily, i though i would put them on the blog for anyone else interested

  • Old tomcat 5.5 installs being exploited

    We have noticed a couple of people running older tomcat 5.5 installs, and these are being exploited . The main thing we noticed were slowdowns on bandwidth as well as CPU along with a few odd other things running as tomcat user eg www-data 20654 0.0 0.6 38616 8004 ? S 21:26 0:00 \_ /usr/sbin/apache2 […]