Month: January 2014

  • NTP servers and DoS Attacks

    NTP servers have been in the news over the New Year, as security sites and social media talk about potential attacks. This is important because many linux servers run ntpd to help keep their clock time correct. One of the first reports and some solutions are clearly described on litnet … In LITNET we recently […]

  • – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 2)

    This page is a continuation of Page 1 One thing i will say about perth, it gets fairly hot! The first Monday was about 36C outside, which is pretty bad when you are walking long distance between buildings with a laptop on your back (or in my case, a large 17″ laprock!) Luckily for us, […]

  • – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 1)

    Recently i started talking to an amazing bunch of people, who had proposed, and been accepted to host the next in Auckland, New Zealand. I immediately requested to help, and be a part since i really love this sort of thing, and i want to give back. Since the whole idea was still very […]