$40 hosting credit coupon on new orders

pb-at-dallasA little coupon fun! You can add a $40 credit to your account when you order a new server with us.

Our servers are popular for hosting WordPress sites, drupal and Tomcat-based websites.  When paired with a hosting control panel (like cPanel or Plesk) it is very easy to host multiple sites for you or your clients.

Our VPS plans are very flexible. You select the memory, disk space and data transfer allowance you need. You do not pay for resources you are not going to use.  The VPSs are powerful, reliable Linux-based virtual machines. You have root SSH access.

Our sysadmins are available 24×7 to help install, troubleshoot and help out with your server.

So take take the hassle out of your hosting and sign up for a new server with us today at http://launchtimevps.com. Grab us on Live Chat if you had any quick questions. Or email us an enquiry.

The fine print:

This offer applies to new VPS, VPS-on-dedicated and regular dedicated servers. VPS pricing starts at around $16/m.

This deal is a new order special. When applied, it will add a 40.00 USD credit on your account. To qualify you need to order a server between 2015-05-10 and 2015-11-06, have the server running for a month and be up to date on your billing. It is one credit per customer (not per server order). And the credit must be applied before 2015-12-06.

After you order you’ll need to pay the invoices created in the first 30 days (hosting fees and any setup fees). You’ll also need to have any other balance owing on your account paid.

After the server has been up and running for a 30 days, go add the credit to your account at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/coupons.jsp?coupon=15NEWORD