Credit card processor change

4442855985_235331b281_oFYI our original credit card processor (WorldPay) has pulled out of the New Zealand market.  We are now using a different credit card processor (BNZ).

You may find that the transaction description that appears on your CC statement is slightly different.  It should still clearly identify the payment as being to RimuHosting (including for customers of our other services, like LaunchtimeVPS Zonomi DNS Hosting, Bakop, Pingability and 25 Mail St

The new processor provides more detailed ‘declined’ error messages.  Which should make resolving any payment issues a little easier.

We continue to be able to charge in USD, AUD, EUR, GBP and NZD.  Some credit card issuers are adding on fees for USD transactions on USD accounts if the credit card processor is overseas.  If you see any extra fees please do let know the details.  It would be good to know which card issuers are guilty of this practice and what they are charging.

Image credit: gdsdigital