Monitor sites for exploits

We dislike dealing with exploited websites. A common cause is "the long forgotten outdated install from a web developer who left years ago. hoping works forever". Public facing services need to be kept updated in order to remain secure, so script-kiddies can't use your server for abuse, like selling dodgy medicinal products. One would always… Continue reading Monitor sites for exploits

Install ownCloud on a Rimu VPS

Owncloud is a popular file storage and synchronization system, with many additional features available for it.  It's a self-hosted alternative to systems like dropbox, but with owncloud your files are stored on your own servers.  This allows you to meet requirements to keep data in a certain jurisdiction, for example, or it might give you… Continue reading Install ownCloud on a Rimu VPS

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is here!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server for new setups. This release has been code named Xenial Xerus. The official release notes are available from the Ubuntu team here. Our new VPS images are based on the official builds provided directly from Significant updates in this release include