Lets Encrypt with Virtualmin

Virtualmin now supports Let Encrypt, this means you can easily get multiple SSL certificates easily and free if needed.

Here is how you can set that up.
Step 1: Login to your virtualmin, select the domain from the drop down in the top left.

Step 2: Click 'Edit Virtual Server' , under the 'Enabled Features' you will see 'SSL Website Enabled'. check the checkbox and save


Step 3: Expand the left menu under Server Configuration click on Manage SSL certificate. The top Far right should have a tab named 'Let's Encrypt' which you can click on.

Step 4: Change the 'Months between automatic renewal' from Manual to every 2 months or similar and save.


Step 5: Test the domain works with https and you are done.


Notes: You will need apache 2.4 to allow multiple SSL certificates on a single IP,

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