Kernel 4.14 LTS released

Walnuts - by George HodanWe have added the latest 4.14 kernel to our list of stable kernels for 64bit VPS servers.

The 4.14 kernel includes a large number of performance enhancements, including ...

  • filesystem io
  • block_mq scheduler improvements
  • new selectable scheduler options for disk io
  • improved cryptographic performance
  • cgroup2 support merged

This kernel also includes a number of patches to provide KASLR protection.

It is compatible with all our currently supported 64bit VPS installs. As well, if you are already running one of our 4.4 or 4.9 series kernels on an older 64bit install, this kernel should work as well.

To try it out please go to our customer control panel and select "default-4.14" from the list there. When you apply that a VPS restart will be performed. And future restarts will always get you the latest 4.14 kernel.

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