Business as usual in the Covid-19 pandemic

For customers using RimuHosting services, we don’t expect the covid-19 pandemic will have any impact on our provision of services for you to use.

Existing servers are continuing to operate as normal and for now, provision of new services is also operating as normal. We have spare capacity available to cater for extra demand. It is conceivable that if demand increases significantly, shipping delays or shortages of parts may delay provisioning of new services. However, as of now we don’t expect any problems.

We are continuing to work as normal. A number of our staff always work from home and the rest do so occasionally. From earlier this week, all our staff started working from home as a precaution, to reduce the risk in case community transmission starts in New Zealand.

The datacenters we operate from are all set up to continue operating with minimal staffing if necessary.

If your VPS has a firewall associated which has your office IP whitelisted, consider the impact on staff working remotely. We are happy to help with sorting out any problems such as this that you might experience when staff start to work from home.

We are also in a good position to provision new services aimed at supporting your organization working from home. e.g. We can help install software such as WordPress blogging and website platform, Nextcloud document sharing, Jitsi secure video conferencing for up to 8 participants, Mattermost enterprise messaging, Moodle online training and education platform, and Sandstorm easy-install self-hosted online services, and many other internet based products. Just mention what your needs are and our staff will be happy to assist.

We wish you well in these times of uncertainty.