Month: August 2021


    Did you know anyone can send an email impersonating your email address? Back in 1971 when ’email’ was invented and later when it was connected to the Internet both email users knew each other. Since then spammers and other bad actors started to abuse this ‘feature’. And since then some new mechanisms have been added […]

  • Centos announce Centos 8 retirement

    Centos announce Centos 8 retirement

    Centos have announced that their RHEL8-based distro Centos8 will no longer be supported from December 2021. This affects customers running Centos 8. It also affects customers running older Centos versions that are thinking updating to a newer distro. There are many alternatives to consider. To mention a few: Centos 7. With support until 2024. RimuHosting […]