CentOS Stream, RockyLinux and Alma Linux

Recently CentOS8 reached its supported end-of-life for security updates. For a number of reasons there will effectively be no more stable releases of CentOS 8 or later.

Instead developers are being encouraged to look at CentOS Stream as a future proof option for elX based platforms. This is quite similar to how Gentoo and more recently Arch Linux work, so anyone familiar with those will likely appreciate the faster updates that offers

Many CentOS users have looked to alternative distributions, with the desire for a slower changing and more predictable security lifecycle. We are pleased provide RockyLinux images available for new installs/re-installs.

Rocky brings with it all the same goodness users of traditional stable installs are familiar with. While a relatively young distribution, there are well recognized names supporting the active and continued development in all the best Open Source traditions, including contributions from developers that used to work on the core CentOS platform.

RockyLinux also provides an in place migration script, that allows users of current CentOS8 installs to easily migrate without needing to reinstall.

We have also been looking at Alma Linux. That is a mature distribution that offers the same stable release cycle as RockyLinux, including the familiar rpm/yum/dnf package management. It also provides a migration script, which will work on CentOS8 platforms, providing another upgrade option.

If you have questions about this post, or an interest in alternative EL distributions do let us know. You can send us a support ticket, catch us in live-chat on https://rimuhosting.com or even email us directly. We would love to hear from you.