Announcing a new partnership: RimuHosting acquires NetValue’s hosting operations

On Monday, 2 October 2023, a significant partnership is forged as RimuHosting officially takes over the NetValue Hosting operations. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter for both companies, ensuring enhanced and comprehensive hosting services for all our wonderful clients.

Hosting Operations: RimuHosting is now at the helm of NetValue Hosting services, including Cloud Hosting, domain registration, website hosting, and email services. All these services will continue to flourish under the NetValue Hosting (by RimuHosting) brand.

Web Development by NetValue Ltd: NetValue Ltd will persist in delivering exceptional website design and development services, with the hosting of these websites seamlessly integrated with NetValue Hosting (by RimuHosting).

Team Transition: We are thrilled to welcome Paul and James from the NetValue sysadmin team to the RimuHosting family. Their expertise will be invaluable in ensuring a smooth and efficient transition, maintaining the high-quality service you have always enjoyed.

Support Channels: All current support channels, including mypanel, phone numbers, and email addresses (, will remain operational for the time being. We have established new support emails ( and a dedicated support phone line at 07 260 2100 to assist you better. Our expanded support team, backed by two decades of hosting support experience, is committed to keeping your hosting hassle-free.

Billing Transition: Billing is being transitioned from NetValue Ltd to RimuHosting Ltd. Invoices issued prior to 9 Nov will have NetValue Ltd bank account details and can be paid directly to NetValue Ltd. Invoices from Thurs 9 November will have RimuHosting Ltd bank account numbers and can be paid directly to RimuHosting Ltd.

New Billing Portal: We have launched You can manage your billing there. The login is synced with your mypanel login (you can use the same username and password). You can view your invoices and receipts. You will see only invoices and receipts from 9 November. You can make credit card (and PayPal) payments using the new billing portal.

If you have an invoice from NetValue Ltd from before 9 November that you cannot pay to the NetValue Ltd bank account, please let us know and we will assist. For example, customers trying to pay a pre-Nov 9 invoice via credit card. For example, customers needing to see a billing statement covering both before/after Nov 9.

Technology Updates: In the immediate future, all technical aspects will remain consistent, ensuring stability and reliability in your hosting services. Same data center. Same racks. Same network providers. Same IP addresses. Same servers. Same backups. As we integrate further, stay tuned for exciting enhancements and improvements to your service experience.

We understand that transitions can bring questions and concerns. We are here to support you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any assistance or clarification.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership as we embark on this exciting new journey together.

About RimuHosting: RimuHosting, headquartered in Cambridge, offers a wide range of digital infrastructure services from data centers located in New Zealand, Australia, Dallas, London, and Frankfurt. The company provides virtual machines, managed email hosting, DNS, web service monitoring, a remote backup platform, and managed WordPress hosting. RimuHosting also manages large-scale colocation hosting operations for a select group of global businesses. As an employee-owned and operated business, RimuHosting is dedicated to ensuring optimal service and support for all its clients.

About NetValue Ltd: NetValue is a premier provider of web design and software development headquartered in Hamilton. With a dedicated team of over 90 staff and contractors, including 14 PhDs, NetValue is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and unmatched customer service. The company also owns Real Time Genomics Ltd, a research and development company focused on providing cutting-edge DNA analysis software solutions for USA-based Life Science customers.