Would you use co-location hosting if it was easier?

We are excited to announce the launch of InfrAssembly, a digital infrastructure assembly service designed to simplify the complexities of co-locating servers and networking gear in data centers.

Understanding co-location

Your own equipment in a data center. Co-location hosting allows you to own or lease your servers and networking equipment, while contracting space and power in a data center to host this equipment. This approach offers significant control over your infrastructure and often results in substantial cost savings.

When you outgrow a few servers. Co-location is particularly beneficial for operations that have outgrown the capacity of a few servers. It provides a scalable solution for businesses that require more extensive and robust infrastructure.

The cost advantage

To keep money in your pocket, not Amazon’s. Many of our co-location clients report up to 6x savings compared to equivalent cloud infrastructure from providers like Amazon. At scale, these savings can be substantial, making co-location an attractive option for cost-conscious businesses. By their own benchmarks one of our co-location clients has saved USD 160 million on the platform they co-locate with RimuHosting compared to the cost of an equivalent platform hosted with Amazon.

Overcoming challenges

Why isn’t everyone doing it? Despite the cost benefits, many businesses hesitate to choose co-location due to the perceived complexities. Challenges such as selecting the right hardware, provisioning it into the data center, maintaining equipment, and ensuring continuous network availability can be daunting. The need for a skilled networking team to manage these tasks adds another layer of difficulty.

Making co-location easy

What if there was someone that could handle it all? RimuHosting understands these challenges. With over two decades of experience deploying thousands of servers and switches into data centers worldwide, we are well-equipped to manage the intricacies of co-location. Our team handles everything from troubleshooting hardware issues to replacing failed components, working with a wide range of server and network equipment providers.

Your partner in transition

Take the first step away from the cloud. Transitioning from cloud services to co-locating your own hardware doesn’t have to be stressful. InfrAssembly is here to help. Our team will work with you to create a customized plan, transforming your collection of hardware into a robust platform for hosting your services. We make the process seamless, providing cloud-level convenience with the benefits of owning your infrastructure.

Cloud-level convenience With InfrAssembly, you can enjoy the convenience of cloud services while benefiting from the control and cost advantages of co-location. Host at scale with economies of scale, and retain full control over your hardware, network, data center location, and security.

Reach out to our InfrAssembly team today and discover how we can simplify your transition to co-location, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment of your digital infrastructure.

Let us help you make co-location hosting as easy and efficient as possible. Contact us now to get started.

Cloud-like ease of use.
Scalable hosting with cost efficiency.
Complete control over hardware, network, location, and security.

Pick any Three, only with InfrAssembly


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