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  • Sync live sites to in-house dev servers

    One of our customer found it tedious to sync his live websites to his dev servers, it involved using FTP (since he had no version control) as well as the database. The files were over 2GB by themselves, so it could be a time consuming task. As a result he asked us for a solution, […]

  • CPanel Upgrades break Cookie IP validation

    A few people have done upgrades on their WHM/CPanel found the default change to ‘Cookie IP validation’ is now giving them the message that their IP address has changed. The easy fix is to change this from Strict to Loose, however if you are unable to login to the admin panel this may be a […]

  • WordPress Upgrade shell Script – plugins, themes, crontab and more!

    2019: This script is still being maintained It’s been some time since i upgraded my wordpress upgrade script. Several reasons why, partially because i had patches from other people to merge in, partially laziness on my part (being busy with other things). However, the good news is, it is here, and its amazing and awesome […]

  • MySQL replication and verification

    We have a number of customer using MySQL replication. For the uninitiated, replication copies changes from a master server to a number of slave servers. This makes scaling your service mush easier and helps improve redundancy and failover. An introduction to setting that up is available in our Mysql Replication guide. Once you have replication […]

  • How to restore a WordPress site after hacks or exploits in 10 easy steps

    A lot of people use WordPress, and seemingly a lot forget to click the upgrade button regularly enough and find they are exploited.  In an ideal world, you would click that button whenever you see it needs updates, and have copious amounts of good backups. However, sometimes these things do not happen, and you need […]

  • How to install Drupal on Plesk – Step by Step instructions

    We have had a customer who is not overly technical wanting these instructions. Since i thought he was probably not the only one wanting a simple step by step instruction on how to install drupal on plesk easily, i though i would put them on the blog for anyone else interested

  • Migrating email between IMAP accounts

    Often when people switch servers, or move to new providers, transferring email can be problematic. If you are using POP3, the email is already on your personal computer, however if you are using IMAP then you are stuck trying to add a second account and drag and drop for each user, or similar. Never fear,there […]

  • How to restore your root password after forgetting or being exploited via Single user mode

    I have been seeing a few people unsure what to do when they lose or forget their root password. Some are resorting to reinstalling their server thinking this is the only option, however there is another option with Rimuhosting.

  • Using perror to explain mysql error codes

    A customer came to us with a problem copying one database to another, and requested we do it for him.  Once we logged in we saw the error fairly quickly ~# mysqldump -uadmin -p`cat /root/.mysqlpass` database >dbdump.sql mysqldump: Got error: 29: File ‘./database/tablename.MYD’ not found (Errcode: 24) when using LOCK TABLES ~# It can be […]

  • Finding Exploits and Trojan php hacks on a website

    Its always unfortunate when you are exploited, and the best method to fix a site is to wipe and restore from a known backup as well as track down the entry point they gained access and fix it. Sometimes you need to ‘clean’ a site of these files before migrating things over however , or […]