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  • Apache exploit may crash your server – heres how to fix it

    We have picked up that there was an exploit in Apache which can result in your server running out of memory. the discovery was noticed quiet some time ago, but never fixed, and it seems to have reared its head publicly resulting in some people actively attacking. There is no patch for apache as yet, […]

  • WordPress Upgrade 2.9.0 + a bug

    Okay, I have rolled the usual ‘upgrade all instances of wordpress’ script however there is a bug in the current wordpress. Heres your script to upgrade them all. wget http://b.ri.mu/files/wordpress-upgrade-2.9.0.sh ; sh wordpress-upgrade-2.9.0.sh Heres the info in the bug. If you see a lot of this in your error log and your site is being […]

  • libc6 vs libc6-xen problems with applications segfaulting

    We recieved the following email this morning which may be a problem from time to time with other users, so i thought I would share this. Subject: Seg faults on apache mysql and a couple of other less import programs. Probably need a fresh install. Message: Hi I have a serious problem with my VPS […]

  • Ubuntu 9.04 bug with networking directory creation

    We had a customer email in after updating to Jaunty recently. They said the following Hi guys, I upgraded my VPS a little while back to Ubuntu Jaunty (because I was several versions out of date and the apt repositories had gone away.) I never actually rebooted the machine afterwards though because it wasn’t a […]