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  • Storage Clustering Part 2: GlusterFS

    GlusterFS is an interesting solution for providing redundant network attached storage clusters. Some features include… trivially easy for basic setups supports virtually any file-system no need to mess with kernels can work across commodity network hardware suitable for enterprise deployment has commercial support available GlusterFS can scale well also, its simple configuration based storage is […]

  • Easy IP failover (Debian squeeze)

    Say you have a bunch of servers on a fast private network, running a busy web site. And you need a gateway server so you can reach those from the outside world. You might run a proxy on a gateway server to expose that. However there could be a problem accessing your site if that […]

  • Storage Clustering Part 1: An Introduction

    John and I have recently been looking at server clusters, and how they can be provisioned to best fit our customers needs. This post is the first in (hopefully) a series on the results of that research. To start with in this post I would like highlight some common questions about big storage options. If […]