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  • Emailed backup of a database via cron – Attaching files via command line

    Sometimes people want an easy offsite backup option for important databases or files, and having a cron to automate that can be helpful. One of our customers had such a case so i wrote a shell script which emailed him a copy of his database every day. Since i thought it was a handy thing […]

  • Cron script for checking disk space

    Here is script for those that interested in not installing a daemon like monit, and just rely on a simple bash script to send notifications when the disk space is low. It is a quite common of a server crashing even though it has been well configured, that rotates logs, etc, but still receives an […]

  • Quick and Easy Automatic Backup Script

    At Rimuhosting we do a weekly snapshot backup of your VPS. This means that if anything goes wrong you can revert to the previous image. However since its weekly, not daily, you may find you have lost the data between those dates. This is a backup script that will backup your database and required files […]