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  • Installing Oracle RDBMS Server

    Oracle is a very popular database.  Particularly for enterprise customers running on dedicated servers with lots of CPU and fast RAID setups. This tutorial will guide you to install Oracle database server on CentOS Linux distro.  Hopefully the steps are simple enough that even a technically minded non-DBA can get the database installed. Oracle RDBMS […]

  • Emailed backup of a database via cron – Attaching files via command line

    Sometimes people want an easy offsite backup option for important databases or files, and having a cron to automate that can be helpful. One of our customers had such a case so i wrote a shell script which emailed him a copy of his database every day. Since i thought it was a handy thing […]

  • Building database clusters with MySQL

    MySQL is a mainstay of many web based applications, and is popular with lots of our customers. There does comes a time when a single database server is not enough. To enhance redundancy MySQL has a couple of options. You can add more servers with vanilla replication enabled. Or you can look at setting up […]