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  • Using perror to explain mysql error codes

    A customer came to us with a problem copying one database to another, and requested we do it for him. ¬†Once we logged in we saw the error fairly quickly ~# mysqldump -uadmin -p`cat /root/.mysqlpass` database >dbdump.sql mysqldump: Got error: 29: File ‘./database/tablename.MYD’ not found (Errcode: 24) when using LOCK TABLES ~# It can be […]

  • Could not perform immediate configuration on already unpacked ‘util-linux’.Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details

    Today we had a customer who had somehow broken his apt package manager doing an upgrade from the looks. I googled and found the same error in many places, most resorting to reinstalling or purging the package to clear it, or reinstall. The error looked like this

  • Virtualmin and Webmin upgrade errors & the fix

    We had a customer email in saying they were having a problem upgrading. The error was fairly verbose, but the general gist was this –> Processing Dependency: /usr/libexec/webmin for package: wbt-virtual-server-mobile –> Processing Dependency: /usr/libexec/webmin for package: wbm-virtualmin-mailman –> Processing Dependency: /usr/libexec/webmin for package: wbm-ruby-gems –> Processing Dependency: /usr/libexec/webmin for package: wbm-ruby-gems –> Finished Dependency […]

  • Postfixadmin – debian – mysql and errors

    A lot of our users use postfixadmin, it means email users are in the database, its easy to use, easy to admin. However the setup can be a little tricky for those not used to it. If you want to have a go doing it yourself, we have a great tutorial here http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/linux/mail/postfixadmin Today however […]