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  • Monitoring your server

    Its always a good option to have monitoring, and there are a lot of options available. If you are interested in uptime and notifications, you can use a service like http://pingability.com If you are interested in making sure services are up and running, and have more time to spare there are a lot of amazing […]

  • Easy IP failover (Debian squeeze)

    Say you have a bunch of servers on a fast private network, running a busy web site. And you need a gateway server so you can reach those from the outside world. You might run a proxy on a gateway server to expose that. However there could be a problem accessing your site if that […]

  • Setting up Monit + with tomcat

    We get asked a lot by customers to install and setup monit. Its not an overly hard task, in fact its pretty darned easy. Monit is brilliant for monitoring and restarting services when they are down, it can alert you or just restart after 5 failed connects/attempts. It handles everything from disk space, to memory, […]

  • Small Shell Script for monitoring

    A customer wanting to do basic monitoring , i had a google and found the following script which is very handy. #!/bin/bash # # Script to notify admin user if Linux,FreeBSD load crossed certain limit # It will send an email notification to admin. # # Copyright 2005 (c) nixCraft project # This is free […]