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New Relic Shirts and Goodies Arrived

Today a box arrived apon my doorstep, i was super excited when i saw the New Relic stickers on the outside! I took it to work, and opened it to find a slew of goodies including shirts, bottle openers, can … Continue reading

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Newegg shipping fail

At RimuHosting we're big consumers of hard drives.  Seems live every couple of weeks we are getting a couple of dozen 'extra' drives.  (And note that when we buy servers we will typcally get them with two drives). We get … Continue reading

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Rimuhosting Summer Soccer 2009

Every year the staff at rimuhosting.com head offices are made to do this thing called exercise. It apparently keeps us fit and healthy and makes our brain work or some such. Either way, its a legitimate way to beat the … Continue reading

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The Pool table that never happened

Now here's a story about how awesome our boss Peter is, and how our offices are just a little to hard to get too at times .. Once apon a time, Rimuhosting was based in a room in Peters house … Continue reading

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