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  • SSLv3 and securing against Poodle

    If you are using SSL in your web server, you probably want to read this. Google recently published details about an attack that targets SSLv3. The exploit first allows attackers to initiate a “downgrade dance” that tells the client that the server doesn’t support the more secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol and forces it […]

  • Setting up Domains Keys (DKIM) on Postfix

    This is a quick and fairly painless way of setting up DKIM, on a postfix server. DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method for associating a domain name to an email message, thereby allowing a person, role, or organization to claim some responsibility for the message and helps verify that your mail is legitimate. This […]

  • PCI compliance – a basic HOWTO

    A lot of people are wanting to be PCI compliant these days, and this is generally a good thing. PCI compliance is not just a server spec, but a list of procedures, policies, controls over access to data. Therefore the server side is only one part of the process. It can be expensive and time […]

  • Setup mail hosting on Debian Squeeze and other distros using postfixadmin

    Postfix is our favorite mail server. We find it’s easy to configure and performs really well. When asked at a recent conference talk, Eric Allman the creator of Sendmail, said he would use Postfix if starting today. Many people ask us if there is an easier way to setup and manage email address and aliases, […]

  • Debugging broken mail daemons

    Getting bounced mail? here let me try and explain a few of the more common problems. Have you added the domain to accept mail? You need to add the domain into the mail server so it knows to accept email for it. If it accepts mail for every domain then its fairly easy for somebody […]

  • Postfixadmin – debian – mysql and errors

    A lot of our users use postfixadmin, it means email users are in the database, its easy to use, easy to admin. However the setup can be a little tricky for those not used to it. If you want to have a go doing it yourself, we have a great tutorial here http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/linux/mail/postfixadmin Today however […]

  • Postfix problems that keep popping up

    We have had several customers with postfix problems and they seem to be all of a similar nature, so i thought i would blog a couple. The most common one is trying to use both aliases and virtualhosts for a domain. Especially with Virtualmin which tries to do both. The main symptoms are something in […]