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  • MySQL replication and verification

    We have a number of customer using MySQL replication. For the uninitiated, replication copies changes from a master server to a number of slave servers. This makes scaling your service mush easier and helps improve redundancy and failover. An introduction to setting that up is available in our Mysql Replication guide. Once you have replication […]

  • Mysql Master/Master Replication & File sync for quick easy scaling or load balance

    A lot of our customers often need a quick easy way to scale up without moving to a new host or changing IP, or even just want an overseas copy of their site, so this is a brief tutorial on how to duplicate your server, and have the database and files replicate between the 2 […]

  • Building database clusters with MySQL

    MySQL is a mainstay of many web based applications, and is popular with lots of our customers. There does comes a time when a single database server is not enough. To enhance redundancy MySQL has a couple of options. You can add more servers with vanilla replication enabled. Or you can look at setting up […]

  • Storage Clustering Part 1: An Introduction

    John and I have recently been looking at server clusters, and how they can be provisioned to best fit our customers needs. This post is the first in (hopefully) a series on the results of that research. To start with in this post I would like highlight some common questions about big storage options. If […]

  • Failover – What happens when your VPS goes down?

    A lot of customers are realizing that having 1 single VPS is great, but if for some reason it goes down and crashes, customers are left wondering what happened. Whilst rimuhosting monitor long term excessive CPU useage, it might be an hour before we realize a VPS has had an OOM error (out of memory) […]