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  • DigiNotar and SSL certificates

    Great news! We were pretty sure, but a recent notification from our certificate supplier told us that none of the certificates ordered on behalf of our customers are signed by DigiNotar. For those of you not aware, DigiNotar is a Certificate Authority who provided signed SSL Certificates against their own trust chain. Which was recognized […]

  • Security at home – encrypted home directories

    This isn’t directly server related at all, more for the home or office user who wants to make sure things are nice and secure. At the office we like to also make sure our desktops are fairly safe to connect from as well, mostly  in case the machines ever get stolen, we know our data […]

  • Evading Webapp Vulnerability Scans

    Most attackers aren’t after your digital property or information stored on your server.  They’re mostly after your server for its resources to send spam, host phishing sites or launch attacks against other servers.  So unless you’re running a high profile site or have managed to anger a malcontent, your server likely isn’t going to be […]