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  • $100/m off selected dual proc Xeons!

    We have a very limited stock of some great dual processor Xeons available. For a limited time and while stocks last we are offering a $100/m discount on these servers. 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core 2006 Clovertown or Harpertown CPU 1.6GHz+ (specific model would depend on available stock) Can take 4-24GB of memory. RAID […]

  • Storage Clustering Part 1: An Introduction

    John and I have recently been looking at server clusters, and how they can be provisioned to best fit our customers needs. This post is the first in (hopefully) a series on the results of that research. To start with in this post I would like highlight some common questions about big storage options. If […]

  • Small Shell Script for monitoring

    A customer wanting to do basic monitoring , i had a google and found the following script which is very handy. #!/bin/bash # # Script to notify admin user if Linux,FreeBSD load crossed certain limit # It will send an email notification to admin. # # Copyright 2005 (c) nixCraft project # This is free […]