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  • Debian Squeeze (6) ends support – time to upgrade

    February 29th, 2016 marks the end of LTS Support for Debian Squeeze, which is still used by many of our customers.  This means that updates for known security issues will no longer be produced and over time, a server running this version will become vulnerable to being exploited. Squeeze was released in 2011 and was […]

  • Storage Clustering Part 2: GlusterFS

    GlusterFS is an interesting solution for providing redundant network attached storage clusters. Some features include… trivially easy for basic setups supports virtually any file-system no need to mess with kernels can work across commodity network hardware suitable for enterprise deployment has commercial support available GlusterFS can scale well also, its simple configuration based storage is […]

  • Debian v6.0 (Squeeze) released

    Debian is one of our most popular distros.  Being very well suited for servers.  Debian 6.0 (aka squeeze) is now released.  It is a good option for a stable distro, with a good support life for package updates.  And right now it has a great, fresh set of new server-side app versions. Squeeze is available […]