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Using Ansible to manage your VPSs – Part One

Ansible is a system to automate the updating of server configurations and other administration tasks.  In this post I'll explain what's necessary to get started with Ansible, creating a configuration structure, telling Ansble about your hosts and running ad-hock commands … Continue reading

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SSH keys on new servers

You can now set your public ssh key(s) at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/sshkeys.jsp .  These keys will automatically be added to new server setups.  And the keys can be used when you enable a server's console-over-vps feature. SSH keys are great when you … Continue reading

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Saving some typing and time with SSH configs

If you are like me, then you may find yourself connecting via SSH to multiple machines a lot during the day. There is an easy way to make short cuts to save you remembering ip addresses, user names, or other … Continue reading

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PCI compliance – a basic HOWTO

A lot of people are wanting to be PCI compliant these days, and this is generally a good thing. PCI compliance is not just a server spec, but a list of procedures, policies, controls over access to data. Therefore the … Continue reading

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Setting up Monit + with tomcat

We get asked a lot by customers to install and setup monit. Its not an overly hard task, in fact its pretty darned easy. Monit is brilliant for monitoring and restarting services when they are down, it can alert you … Continue reading

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Keeping your SSH session alive

We're working on servers all day everyday, mostly by SSH. This can be annoying when you switch tabs and then want to go back to another and its timed you out and dead. A nice quick shortcut to kill that … Continue reading

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