Security at home – encrypted home directories

This isn't directly server related at all, more for the home or office user who wants to make sure things are nice and secure. At the office we like to also make sure our desktops are fairly safe to connect from as well, mostly  in case the machines ever get stolen, we know our data… Continue reading Security at home – encrypted home directories

Rimuhosting does LCA2010

A couple of the die hard Linux fanatics here at Rimuhosting decided to bribe the boss into letting us go to this year, and in fact even managed to get him to become a little blue penguin sponsor. Luckily we have a fantastic employer[1] who was keen to get rid of us. We had… Continue reading Rimuhosting does LCA2010

Trying out the new Thunderbird 3

One of my co-workers mentioned something about thunderbirds new features, i thought this is an excellent time to break my mail client! so promptly looked up installing the new thunderbird. My work box is Ubuntu, so here's the easiest process to get Thunderbird 3 installed I used Ubuntuzilla to get the latest packages echo… Continue reading Trying out the new Thunderbird 3

We’re a Team

We see lots of different problems every day as Liz noted the other day.  It's really quite varied work that we do and you can go from resetting a password one minute to setting up load balanced proxy servers the next.  There's always a fun and challenging problem right around the corner. The most important… Continue reading We’re a Team