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  • – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 2)

    This page is a continuation of Page 1 One thing i will say about perth, it gets fairly hot! The first Monday was about 36C outside, which is pretty bad when you are walking long distance between buildings with a laptop on your back (or in my case, a large 17″ laprock!) Luckily for us, […]

  • – LCA2014 Perth visit (Part 1)

    Recently i started talking to an amazing bunch of people, who had proposed, and been accepted to host the next in Auckland, New Zealand. I immediately requested to help, and be a part since i really love this sort of thing, and i want to give back. Since the whole idea was still very […]

  • New Relic Shirts and Goodies Arrived

    Today a box arrived apon my doorstep, i was super excited when i saw the New Relic stickers on the outside! I took it to work, and opened it to find a slew of goodies including shirts, bottle openers, can coolers, stickers galore! I carefully went around every ones desk in the office sharing out […]

  • Security at home – encrypted home directories

    This isn’t directly server related at all, more for the home or office user who wants to make sure things are nice and secure. At the office we like to also make sure our desktops are fairly safe to connect from as well, mostly  in case the machines ever get stolen, we know our data […]

  • Rimuhosting does LCA2010

    A couple of the die hard Linux fanatics here at Rimuhosting decided to bribe the boss into letting us go to this year, and in fact even managed to get him to become a little blue penguin sponsor. Luckily we have a fantastic employer[1] who was keen to get rid of us. We had […]

  • Trying out the new Thunderbird 3

    One of my co-workers mentioned something about thunderbirds new features, i thought this is an excellent time to break my mail client! so promptly looked up installing the new thunderbird. My work box is Ubuntu, so here’s the easiest process to get Thunderbird 3 installed I used Ubuntuzilla to get the latest packages echo […]

  • Pacman Cookies at

    Last night i spent a while making Pacman cookies, i brought them into the office today. The idea originated from when i was making Xmas Mince pies, i cut the circle then cut a V out so i wouldn’t have leftover dough. Since i was doing a cookie swap at the time i made a […]

  • Rimuhosting Summer Soccer 2009

    Every year the staff at head offices are made to do this thing called exercise. It apparently keeps us fit and healthy and makes our brain work or some such. Either way, its a legitimate way to beat the crap out of our workmates and other innocent gamers using a ball as our weapon, […]

  • We’re a Team

    We see lots of different problems every day as Liz noted the other day.  It’s really quite varied work that we do and you can go from resetting a password one minute to setting up load balanced proxy servers the next.  There’s always a fun and challenging problem right around the corner. The most important […]

  • The Pool table that never happened

    Now here’s a story about how awesome our boss Peter is, and how our offices are just a little to hard to get too at times .. Once apon a time, Rimuhosting was based in a room in Peters house (like all good start-up companies). Eventually he gained the trust of many  customers and made […]