RimuHosting takes over the operation of HostingDirect’s VPSs

Today RimuHosting has entered into an agreement to take over the operation of HostingDirect’s VPSs and their billing.

Ben Simpson of Hosting Direct emailed some of his VPS customers today saying:

Morgan from Hosting Direct will be leaving the team on the 12th of November 2009, he was the one who created the VPS infrastructure and supported it, Hosting Direct does not have the know-how to support or manage the VPS systems any-longer.

Ben approached me a few days ago to ask us if we could ‘take over’ their VPS servers.

I was keen for us to (finally) have a presence here in NZ.  Something a lot of our current customers have been ‘bugging’ us about for a while now.  So this seemed a great opportunity for us.

So while our deal is done, our work has just begun.  I don’t believe anyone can ‘buy’ customers.  Rather I consider we now have the opportunity to provide great service and ‘win’ our new customers.

I’ll be updating this post with any ‘frequently asked questions’ we get about the HostingDirect agreement.

Welcome to our network all the ex-HostingDirect VPS customers!


Q: Hosting direct doesn’t have data caps, has this changed with you guys

A: This has not changed with us.

Q: Will the date of billing cycles remain the same?

A: Most of our customers pay on the first of the month, so I was planning on re-aligning the dates to the first of the month after the end of your current billing cycle.  Making your first payment probably on the first of December.  We will be sending out an email about the billing next week.

Q: Will the price change?

A: We have no plans to increase ex-HostingDirect customers’ monthly fees.

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