RimuHosting launches NZ-based VPS hosting

I am happy to announce RimuHosting is now offering NZ-based VPS hosting.

The plans are listed at http://rimuhosting.com/auckland-servers

RimuHosting is an NZ company.  But we have never hosted servers from NZ-before.  Most of our customers (and therefore servers) are over in the US and the UK.

So a couple of weeks back had our San Diego based server builder, RackmountsEtc ship us some Supermicro servers with dual Nehalems (2xE5506), 48GB of DDR3 ECC memory, and whopping 8TB worth of disk  (ridiculous!).

They duly arrived in customs the other day.  And then FedEx trucked them down at our Cambridge office on Wednesday.

It is a rare event for our Kiwi staff ever to actually see one of our physical servers.  Typically we buy machines and they are shipped direct to the data centers we use.  Where we prep them up remotely (via KVMoIPs, or PXE boot, or kickstarts).

While it was great to see the machines up close, the noise was horrific.  So we were glad when they were prepped up, mem tested, stressed and sent back up  to the well regarded Auckland-based Orcon data center.

The machines are now racked up, IPs assigned, and ready for VPS customers.  And we're looking forward to setting up our first new customers on them.

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Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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2 Responses to RimuHosting launches NZ-based VPS hosting

  1. Great! I've a VPS Us based and at the moment I live in Italy but... I'll movt to NZ in a couple of month! Yes! I'll live in Auckland so ... what's better than an Auckland VPS?