RimuHosting December 2009 newsletter

This post is a copy of the newsletter just sent out to customers.

News in brief

We are now offering hosting based out of Auckland, New Zealand.


In November we launched the RimuHosting cloud server management API. Create servers, shut them down, reboot them, fetch a server status. We have written wrappers/drivers for libcloud, deltacloud and jclouds. And we have provided 'native' wrappers to the REST-ful API via python, ruby and PHP.


Over the last couple of weeks we have released Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10 distro images:


64 bit flavors of most distros now available (on new orders and reinstalls).

We updated our control panel so you can select what kernel you use. And added 64 bit kernel (with or without 64 bit distros) options.


We now offer ultra-speedy Nehalem (dual and single proc) dedicated servers (in NZ, Dallas, and London). And we are using the Nehalems on our newest 72GB VPS host servers.

Fun news from the RimuHosting offices

Liz's Pacman cookies (must see):


Our football players, not so much a must see:


(Go the All Whites in South Africa 2010!)

Richard Stallman visiting the RimuHosting offices:


RimuHosting at the Waikato Software Freedom Day:


Get a referral id and earn hosting credits

Are you happy with the service you get from us? Then tell the world and get hosting credits as a reward for spreading the good karma. Get a referral id, link to us, and get $15 hosting credit every time someone orders:

Help us improve our service

To provide great service we need to know what you think we do well, and what you want us to do differently. We would appreciate if you would take 2 minutes to tell us how we are going. You can do that at:

Or if you wanted to tell us something directly, just reply to this email.

Tell us what you need and we will help

At RimuHosting it is our goal to provide great servers and back it up with awesome support. If you feel we can help you get your server running better in any way (e.g. setting up applications, troubleshooting things, monitoring it, re-configuring apps, or consulting on your web application architecture), please just let us know.

Regards, Peter Bryant

PS: Signing up for newsletters

If you would like to receive our RimuHosting newsletters you can sign up at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/newsletter.jsp

About Peter Bryant

Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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