RimuHosting visit by Richard Stallman

Free and open source software are so important at RimuHosting.

Our servers would be pretty useless without the Linux kernel and free and open source applications we install on them.

We try to do our bit for 'software freedom' like http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2009/09/24/rimuhosting-does-software-freedom-day/
providing OSS develeoper discounts and sponsoring events like LCA2010 http://blog.rimuhosting.com/2009/12/08/rimuhosting-at-linuconf-2010/

But our efforts are nothing compared to some of the real leaders in free and open source software.  Among them is Richard Stallman.

Mr Stallman was in town the other week on a speaking engagement.  He must have heard about our famous Wednesday Beer o'clock and popped by for a bit of geeky conversation and food (and the wifi, of course).

RMS at the RimuHosting Office

RMS at the RimuHosting Office. L-to-R Peter, Glenn, Carl, RMS, Ivan, John, Harald, Paul.

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Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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6 Responses to RimuHosting visit by Richard Stallman

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  2. Emacs is still my favourite editor after more than 20 years - even though my Lisp skills have all but vanished. Thanks Mr GNU!

  3. Remon says:

    I live in emacs. Glad to hear there are others who appreciate it as well! Thanks, Richard!

  4. Millon dePasquale says:

    Did he sing?

  5. peter says:

    Does he have a reputation for doing that? In which case we missed out.

  6. Liz Quilty says:

    He did play the flute a few times whilst staying at my place :)