Month: January 2010

  • RimuHosting adds live chat

    Today are launching a trial of ‘live chat‘ support.  This gives our customers one more way to access us (in addition to email, IM, tickets and phone). We still expect the bulk of our support work to be done via emails or tickets.  Since that let’s both parties keep a good written history of the […]

  • Cloudkick add RimuHosting as a provider

    Cloudkick have just added support for RimuHosting as a provider. Cloudkick help you mange and monitor your ‘cloud’ servers.  They use provider APIs (like the RimuHosting server management API) to keep track of your cloud server list.  Offer tools like reboots, ssh consoles, and – importantly – monitoring. Here is a quick tour. First up, […]

  • Using the RimuHosting API to integrate with Server Density

    A few weeks back we released our RimuHosting server management API (which lets users programmatically do things like setup new servers, shut them down, resize their memory or disk and reboot them). Ivan here has been busy integrating our API into a few third party ‘cloud computing’ APIs.  Like libcloud, jclouds and deltacloud. The third […]

  • EV SSL certificate sale

    Our SSL cert provider is having a bit of a sale on EV SSL certificates. The ‘EV’ certs are the ones that (typically) create a green bar in your address bar with your actual business name.  They require more proof of identity (e.g. company documents) than regular certificates. Our provider’s sale lasts till the end […]

  • Glassfish Installation Script

    We do a lot of Java hosting for our customers. As with any technology, there are a lot of different deployment scenarios to choose from. With Java we tend to see mostly Tomcat hosting because most folks don’t require a full fledged application server (and the associated memory costs that come along with it). JBoss […]

  • RimuHosting’s Haiti earthquake relief appeal

    RimuHosting has setup a special referral link to raise funds for Haiti earthquake relief. For every server ordered after using that URL before the end of February RimuHosting will donate 20 NZD to Haiti earthquake relief. Since aid is needed in Haiti _right now_ RimuHosting has made an advance $500 contribution to the NZ […]

  • rdiff-backup script using sshfs for larger backups

    We have had a few customers who have much more data to back up, and taking a copy of that every day uses a LOT of disk space and can be time consuming. The answer is rdiff-backup . It does incremental backups whenever you run it, only backing up the difference from the initial complete […]

  • WordPress 2.9.1 mass upgrade script

    Okay, I have rolled the usual ‘upgrade all instances of wordpress’ script. Heres your script to upgrade them all. wget ; sh Because the previous version has one less number (it shows up as 2.9 rather than 2.9.0 ) you may notice that it says You have version 29.’; located at /path/etc Just […]

  • Trying out the new Thunderbird 3

    One of my co-workers mentioned something about thunderbirds new features, i thought this is an excellent time to break my mail client! so promptly looked up installing the new thunderbird. My work box is Ubuntu, so here’s the easiest process to get Thunderbird 3 installed I used Ubuntuzilla to get the latest packages echo […]