Month: February 2010

  • wordpress & wordpress MU mass upgrade script 2.9.2

    Okay, I have rolled the usual ‘upgrade all instances of wordpress’ script. In this version i finally got around to checking the permissions prior to updating and changing the ownership of them back to that owner afterwards. This was breaking things and could be rather annoying before if you had more than 5  sites to […]

  • Rimuhosting does LCA2010

    A couple of the die hard Linux fanatics here at Rimuhosting decided to bribe the boss into letting us go to this year, and in fact even managed to get him to become a little blue penguin sponsor. Luckily we have a fantastic employer[1] who was keen to get rid of us. We had […]

  • Picking Your Distro

    We frequently get questions asking which distribution to choose. The short answer is – pick whatever distribution you’re currently using if it’s one that you like and are comfortable using. :) It’s not going to make a tremendous difference at the end of the day and the differences are mostly in the way you’ll manage […]

  • Whats using all my disk space up?

    Often we get asked by customers ‘What is using up all my disk space on my VPS?’. Usually we track it down to log files not being rotated or email etc. Here are a few of the commands we use to do that.

  • Using incron to autocommit changes in a folder

    I found this excellent blog post giving a nice example of incron useage at Normally when I edit files in /etc, I am focused on achieving something now, and not on being able to undo it later. To this end I have written myself a script which will commit the contents of a directory […]