Month: March 2010

  • Fun with lawyers, politicians and copyright

    Like a lot of software developers I take an interest in copyright issues.  I read the odd article, watch Linus and Richard debate GPL3, and was even once motivated enough to make a submission on another recent NZ copyright bill. The New Zealand government has a bill on the table looking at file sharing.  One […]

  • Failover – What happens when your VPS goes down?

    A lot of customers are realizing that having 1 single VPS is great, but if for some reason it goes down and crashes, customers are left wondering what happened. Whilst rimuhosting monitor long term excessive CPU useage, it might be an hour before we realize a VPS has had an OOM error (out of memory) […]

  • Easy Peasy Linux Firewalling – iptables

    A lot of our customers have asked for firewalls, and since this is a common theme, i decided that I would help them out. Of course it can be a mission to learn how to make your own and what to do or not do, and some of the pre-made ones can be confusing. So […]

  • Rimu Hosting – not Rim U Hosting

    When our great leader Peter set out to take over the world with his new and awesome hosting company (ok, maybe it wasnt quiet like that .. but it makes a great story!) ,  he decide that he wanted it to have a Kiwi/NZ flavour. He set up several companies and named them all after […]