Rimu Hosting – not Rim U Hosting

Rimu Tree - Waitakere

When our great leader Peter set out to take over the world with his new and awesome hosting company (ok, maybe it wasnt quiet like that .. but it makes a great story!) ,  he decide that he wanted it to have a Kiwi/NZ flavour.

He set up several companies and named them all after New Zealand native trees. Red Rata, Rimu Hosting, etc. Of course most of our customers are not from NZ, and so it never occured that people may not realize, when the words are mashed together in a URL that its could possibly be mis-interpreted.

By the time the problem was noticed, we were already far too famous and well known for the name to change.

Unfortunately, we have had some interesting feedback regarding it, and some people just have not realized we are not in fact called Rim U Hosting at all, but are named after the lovely Rimu tree (see the pretty tree logo icon?)

So just to set the record straight. We are named for  a tree, not some type of pornographic act. We do however see the funny side, though it gets mildly disturbing hearing people pronouce it incorrectly (especially on the phone!), or add it into their email address book wrongly.

Its pronounced 'Ree-moo'. Very simple and easy, and its a lovely native tree (not a pornographic act!)


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