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  • Previewing 25mail.st: managed email hosting service

    Mail server issues are one of the most frequent mail server requests we get here at RimuHosting.  Troubleshooting existing configurations.  Setting up ‘basic’ mail servers for customers.  Setting up fancy ‘do everything’ mail servers for customers.  Answering queries about why ‘x’ is flagged as SPAM (or not).  Advising on things like SPF and DKIM.  Blacklists […]

  • Rimu Hosting – not Rim U Hosting

    When our great leader Peter set out to take over the world with his new and awesome hosting company (ok, maybe it wasnt quiet like that .. but it makes a great story!) ,  he decide that he wanted it to have a Kiwi/NZ flavour. He set up several companies and named them all after […]