Month: April 2010

  • Newegg shipping fail

    At RimuHosting we’re big consumers of hard drives.  Seems live every couple of weeks we are getting a couple of dozen ‘extra’ drives.  (And note that when we buy servers we will typcally get them with two drives). We get most of our ‘extra’ drives from Newegg. Lately we have been noticing some pretty high […]

  • Its the small things that help

    We have some users who own VPS who dont want to fork out for automated systems like Plesk or Virtualmin, but dont really want to deal with adding domains and email addresses all the time (and sometimes get lost) I decided today after one such user emailed us to add another 3 domains and bunch […]

  • DNS import script project. Any takers?

    A bit of a cheeky request… I’m looking for something that will import a BIND zone file in our name servers. Anyone interested in having a crack at that? I’m imagining something like a bash/perl/ruby/python script that parses a BIND zone file then uses our DNS api per to pop the values into our […]

  • Bandwidth useage and control – mod_deflate

    I’ve seen a few times clients with lots of web traffic struggling, and in some cases they had some advance stuff like load-balancing and memcached, and they didn’t even have compressed html! To me is puzzling that many people don’t have it when it takes a couple lines of code and saves typically a good […]