DNS import script project. Any takers?

A bit of a cheeky request…

I’m looking for something that will import a BIND zone file in our name servers.

Anyone interested in having a crack at that?

I’m imagining something like a bash/perl/ruby/python script that parses a BIND zone file then uses our DNS api per http://rimuhosting.com/dns/dyndns.jsp to pop the values into our name servers.

Anyone interested in tackling this and open sourcing their code?

Another useful import method would be to use an AXFR from the original name server (instead of a BIND file).  Though AXFRs are likely only going to work for most name servers when run from a trusted host.

Hmm.  And since AXFR is not always available then something that polls for the most common records.  Using an ANY query and perhaps an MX query if that fails.

And one option would need to be changing certain values on the fly.  e.g. probably ignoring the orignal name server values and not storing those.

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  1. It would also be very welcome if there was a way to *export* DNS entries for an account, ideally to a BIND file. Extra peace of mind should anyone want to backup these settings themselves or if they need to move to a separate DNS server.