Month: May 2010

  • Did you know we have a DNS API?

    Seems some cool features get lost, and only staff know about them rather than the customers. I thought I’d point out to people we have an API for our DNS. This can be used by scripts for adding domains to your own VPS using PHP curl, or similar other things. Another excellent use is fail […]

  • Daily PostgreSQL Backups

    We have had a few backup scripts posted, however i noticed today when a customer asked for a postgreSQL one we don’t actually have one handy. This one is for a daily dump of the database, rolling over every 10 days

  • 5 chances to get free EnvelopeHD hosting

    Do you do support or sales support via email? Do you need to have 2 or more people involved? Looking for a tool to help you better manage your support? Well, we’re looking for some early adopters to test drive our EnvelopeHD email-centric help desk product. We want to select and setup 5 early adopters […]

  • Announcing Envelope: the email-centric help desk

    At RimuHosting we do a lot of support. Thousands of emails a month. And we have a good sized crew of sysadmins handling those requests. To help us better manage how we respond to our customer emails our software developers created a software application which we call Envelope. Envelope hooks up to our IMAP email […]

  • Ubuntu Upgrade to 10.04 on your VPS? Read this first!

    Update: Carl has posted some 10.04 upgrade instructions in our howtos section. As often happens, some things happen when you upgrade, and its not always desirable when its a production server. We try and catch these for you and post something to help fix anything that may go wrong. The problem requires a kernel change […]