Announcing Envelope: the email-centric help desk

At RimuHosting we do a lot of support. Thousands of emails a month. And we have a good sized crew of sysadmins handling those requests.

To help us better manage how we respond to our customer emails our software developers created a software application which we call Envelope. Envelope hooks up to our IMAP email server. And stores a copy of the email requests we receive and send. Our sysadmins then use the Envelope web pages to manage those emails. They can 'grab' them (meaning they will be working on them); add notes (e.g. to help other team members better respond) and edit attributes like due dates and urgencies. So that we can better triage and manage which emails to deal with in which order.

Envelope is basically a ticket system-like help desk for your emails (for people who don't like ticket systems).

We think that Envelope is so key and helpful in the way we provide support to our customers that we want to make the application service available to others.

If you work in an organization that provides a good amount of customer support or sales via email, and you have 2-20 people providing support (i.e. its more than 'just you') then you may find that Envelope really helps the way you manage your emails.

Read on to see if Envelope, the email-based ticket-free help desk could help your organization better managed your support and sales emails.

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