$50 hosting credit for server migration

Migration, dont stop!I'd like to offer a USD 50 hosting credit to anyone ordering a new server with us where that server is currently hosted elsewhere.

Get started now, order a fast VPS with a ton of memory at a pretty decent price using our Launchtime ordering system.

Why order a server with RimuHosting?  We're run by sysadmins, not sales people.  We work hard to provide great service.  We help out with your server.  Our prices are pretty decent.  And we are the original independent VPS hosting provider.  Getting websites up and running since 2003.

Fine print:

  • You would pay your first server bill on setup.
  • Then pop in a support ticket within a week of ordering the server and mention this offer and your domain.
  • We will add a USD 50 credit to your account.  And that amount would be used up on subsequent month's invoices.
  • The server would be currently be hosted with a different provider.  e.g. the domain name would currently resolve to a hosting account (not an ISP IP or to a parked domain).
  • The original server can be hosted on a shared hosting plan, VPS plan, or dedicated server.
  • Offer open to new customers only.
  • Offer open for a short time only (we will update this post when the offer expires).
  • If you need sysadmin help migrating over we can help with that, no problem.  A USD 40/hr fee _may_ apply (for some bigger migration jobs).  And you can use the hosting credit for that, also.

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Peter founded RimuHosting in 2003
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