Distro upgrade as a service

For several years we have worked with customers to upgrade dozens of servers (primarily Debian and Ubuntu) from old (sometimes ancient) distro versions to the latest, stable versions. We are now offering this distro upgrade as a service. The upgrade steps are as follows: We collect systems information to ensure your setup is updatable (e.g.… Continue reading Distro upgrade as a service

VM backup and download


The following code snippet will let you create a backup image of a Linux server, encrypt it, and then make it available for download. It requires PHP, and makes use of PHP's built in HTTP server. You will need sufficient disk space on your VM image to create the download. The file is compressed, so… Continue reading VM backup and download

Modernizing your ancient server distro

RimuHosting has now been providing VM servers for over 15 years. Back in the day the state of the art distros we setup for customers included 32-bit Debian 3- and Ubuntu 6-based servers. Things have moved on.  By default all new orders are setup with 64-bit distros.  And Debian is up to version 9, while… Continue reading Modernizing your ancient server distro

Using Ansible to manage your VPSs – Part One

Ansible is a system to automate the updating of server configurations and other administration tasks.  In this post I'll explain what's necessary to get started with Ansible, creating a configuration structure, telling Ansble about your hosts and running ad-hock commands on multiple hosts. Ansible is useful when you have 3 or more VPSs and need… Continue reading Using Ansible to manage your VPSs – Part One

Don’t let the OOM killer stop MySQL

Many of our customers are successfully using MySQL (or MariaDB) databases on their servers, and they usually run fine as installed and do not need any special attention. However, occasionally problems can occur with MySQL, and this may indicate that some manual tuning is required. One scenario is when the system is short of memory,… Continue reading Don’t let the OOM killer stop MySQL

Jobs at RimuHosting!

RimuHosting is looking for experienced Linux sysadmins to provide support to our hosting customers as well as to help build and maintain our global hosting infrastructure.

Be at Linux Conf in Wellington, or be square

RimuHosting: Proudly supporting LCA2010 Linux Conf down under will be in Wellington from Monday 18 January to Saturday 23 January 2010. This is right on our door-step (well an 8 hour drive down SH1 from Cambridge, at least).  So there will be a few Rimu-ites heading down.  And have signed up to be a sponsor… Continue reading Be at Linux Conf in Wellington, or be square

External MX Records

I see this particular problem about once or twice a day it seems and probably have for as long as I've worked at Rimu. Sometimes customers opt to have their email handled via a 3rd party mail service (google apps, for example).  If the hostname of your server is example.com and you're trying to send… Continue reading External MX Records