Special Offer: Upgrade your RimuHosting VPS to a VPS on a dedicated server?

Updating this list as part of our commitment to offering great server deals, current as of 28th August 2011.

We have some older but still powerful machines available. Rather than let them gather dust, we thought we would offer them to customers who are currently have a VPS on a shared host. And would like an upgrade to a dedicated machine. You would get (most likely) more memory; more disk space; and, most importantly, less contention. The CPU and disk IO is dedicated solely to you. See also http://rimuhosting.com/knowledgebase/rimuhosting/vps-setup-on-dedicated-servers

The process is very simple, no work is required. You simply let us know which server you'd like. And we move your VPS to that machine. You get to keep your IP address. And no configuration changes or migration work is required. There is a few minutes per GB of disk space you use downtime while we move your VPS image to the new machine.

If you are on a VPS but find you would like to have a Dallas based dedicated machine all to yourself, check out these deals:

Core2Duo E6420 based servers

  • host286 2GB RAM/2x250GB disks - $109.00 USD
  • host288 2GB RAM/2x80GB disks - $104.00 USD
  • host338 2GB RAM/2x80GB disks - $104.00 USD

Core2Duo E6400 based servers

      • host121 2GB RAM/2x250GB SATA drives - $99
      • host124 2GB RAM/2x250GB SATA drives - $99
      • host141 2GB RAM/2x1TB SATA drives - $109


    • host168 4GB RAM/2x400GB SATA drives - $115
    • host170 2GB RAM/2x80GB SATA drives - $95
    • host215 2GB RAM/2x250GB SATA drives - $99

If you are after some more CPU horsepower, then check out this awesome deal on a QuadCore CPU:

  • host274 2.4 GHz Q6600/2GB RAM/2x400GB SATA drives - $144
  • host421 2.4 GHz Q6600/4GB RAM/2x250GB SATA drives - $149
  • host405 2.4 GHz Q6600/8GB RAM/2x250GB SATA drives - $169

The fine print:

  • Each server includes 250GB of data-transfer. Let us know if you need something more.
  • Disk upgrade to 1TB 7200RPM SATA drive for +13.00 USD/month per drive. A one off 49.00 USD setup fee per upgrade request applies.
  • Sorry no buydowns on these servers.
  • The memory size is non-upgradeable/fixed (since we have only a limited supply of the memory required for some of the older machines).
  • First come first served. Each of these servers is a one-off. We will try to keep this post updated as servers are grabbed by others.
  • Private Network connections are not available on any of these servers
  • These deals are provided on a first-in first-serve basis and subject to availability.
  • All servers (except where noted otherwise) have two (2) drive bays supporting SATA disks.
  • Subtract about 400MB from the server memory size (this will be reserved by the VPS hypervisor).

If you'd like to upgrade just pop in a support ticket and let us know which server you wanted to have, along with a reference to this page. We will work to move your VPS to that dedicated server within 24 hours and update your VPS's billing from next month (no extra cost for this month).

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